Property Insurance Claims

PROForensics is uniquely positioned in Ireland to offer expert Forensic Accounting advice to assist our clients in the Insurance industry in the assessment and settlement of Property related insurance claims.  As Forensic Accountants with insurance qualifications and experience, we understand insurance policies and their relevance in independently assessing the correct value of every claim.  Our expertise includes:

Calculation and Settlement of Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business interruption or loss of profits insurance is an insurance policy that protects the business owner against financial losses that arise following the occurrence of an insured peril such as fire and flood. PROForensics carries out the investigation is a professional and timely manner. We calculate the value of the insurance claim with reference to the specific insurance policy parameters in place at the time of the insured peril. We take into account various factors such as management accounts, budgets, forecasts, trends, market data and other relevant economic and business factors. We are experts at calculating complex and often controversial business interruption losses. To understand more on Business Interruption and the calculation of a Business Interruption claim, please refer to our Business Interruption sectionContact us today if you require this specialist service.

business interruption calculation

Property Damage Insurance Claims

PROForensics can assist you to quantify various financial elements of a property loss, from an accounting perspective. This can involve reviewing the quantity and value of stock lost  with reference to the impact of accounting issues, such as cut-off, stock valuation and obsolescence. Contact us today if you require this specialist service.

Subrogation Claims

When a third party liability claim is made, PROForensics can assist the insurance professional in considering the financial subrogation potential. Contact us today if you require this specialist service.