Insurance Claims

PROForensics works with companies in relation to certain disputes concerning Insurance Claims.

We are uniquely positioned in Ireland of offer you expert advice in relation to the assessment and settlement of insurance claims concerning your company. With direct industry experience in managing insurance claims and with multiple qualifications in the accounting, insurance and forensic disciplines, we are best placed to get you the correct result. We understand insurance policies and their relevance to independently help you achieve the optimal outcome. Contact us today if you require this specialist service.

Property Damage & Business Interruption Claims

Business interruption or loss of profits insurance protects the business owner against financial losses that may result from an insured peril such as fire and flood. PROForensics calculates the loss of profits based on the insurance policy and terms in place at the time of the insured peril and with reference with financial statements, management accounts, budgets, forecasts, trends and any other relevant business, economic or market factor. We are independent Forensic Accountants with strong insurance experience, giving us the competitive edge to enable us to correctly quantify the business interruption in accordance with your insurance policy terms and assist in settlement negotiations. This may involve participating in a Meeting of Experts to identify unresolved issues and, if settlement can not be reached, we can provide expert witness testimony for Court.

Employers’ Liability Claims

For accidents that occur at work and result in Special Damages including loss of earnings, PROForensics evaluates and quantifies the loss of earnings and benefits for the employee. This includes reviewing impact on salaries, bonuses, dividends and pension benefits. We are also insurance qualified professionals with significant hands on experience of claims settlement in this area. When appropriate, we assist in settlement negotiations and, if the matter proceeds to litigation, we can provide expert witness testimony for Court.

Fidelity Insurance Claims

When a claim is made under a commercial fidelity or financial institution bond coverage form, PROForensics can assist you to independently investigate, identify and verify the amount being claimed based on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Our service includes calculation of the claim, identifying internal control weakness and issuing recommendations to address these issues. PROForensics can also offer intelligence gathering, asset tracing and recommendation in relation to potential recovery.