About Us

PROForensics is an independent Irish Forensic Accounting firm that is solely focused on financial forensics. We are a firm of Chartered Accountants that uniquely holds professional qualifications in accounting, insurance and forensic accounting disciplines. This combination of independence, focus and professional expertise across the full range of disciplines, differentiates us to provide our clients with objective, confidential, timely and expert investigations.

PROForensics expert team includes Conor McGarry FCA and Mary McLoughlin FCA.

Professionals who rely on PROForensics to investigate, assist and advice include:

  • Insurance professionals -  we provide expert investigation and advice to insurance companies, loss adjusters and loss assessors for the financial assessment of insurance claims based on the insurance policy in place at the time of the incident.
  • Legal professionals –  we assess the quality of the financial figures of your case and of your opposing party’s financial assessment. Our service includes issuing recommendations, participating in Meeting of Experts and  providing expert witness testimony where necessary.
  • Corporate professionals and Individuals - we provide solvency and restructuring advice, fraud investigations and Separation and Divorce Settlements.

Our Promise:

  • We respond promptly and engage.
  • We have the appropriate expertise.
  • We give a detached, considered and balanced view.
  • We back-up a considered report with evidence.